Old Door Phantoms


ears&eyes Records

Dave Miller guitar - mellotron
Ben Boye pianet - wurlitzer - mellotron
Matt Ulery fender bass
Quin Kirchner drums - percussion

Recorded and Mixed by Greg Norman at Electrical Audio
Mastered by Carl Saff

"Miller's guitar brings the group home, producing a quiet resonance that is nothing less than healing." - All About Jazz


Dave Miller tour dates
“Miller plays with the refined restraint of someone twice his age.” –Matthew Lurie, Time Out


Dave Miller

Combining major stints in both New York City and Chicago and numerous tours abroad, Dave Miller has cultivated a truly unique, exciting, and inviting approach to songwriting, improvisation, and the guitar. After releasing three albums to wide acclaim with his experimental rock band, Algernon (Cuneiform Records), Miller has once again redefined his parameters and formed Old Door Phantoms with some of the most creative musical minds in Chicago, yielding fascinating results. This time around, Miller has drawn influence from the elegant melodicism of The Beatles, the psychedelic folk of Neil Young and Crazy Horse, and the raw power and improvisational spirit of guitarists Link Wray, Gabor Szabo, and Charlie Christian. The music, although fresh, forward thinking, and avant garde, is grounded in the art of classic songwriting. The melodies linger and the sounds are warm. The songs play out as mind-expanding textures, but always with an air of compassion and familiarity.

Tracked live at Steve Albini's famed studio, Electrical Audio, the album has the sound and feel of being in the same room as the band. At times, this off the cuff quality to the recordings recalls the instrumental swagger of The Band or Booker T the MGs, while juxtaposing this element with the pulsing experimentalism of Sonic Youth and ambient textures of Brian Eno.

“Miller’s guitar has a peculiar crackle to it, a spare way of playing that lets the strings truly resonate, almost making a listener feel inches from the guitar.” – Mark Keresman, New York City Jazz Record


"Miller is one of those polymaths who can't seem to find enough bands to fill his time." - Chicago Reader

Dave Miller

Email: davemillerguitar@gmail.com